29 Winthrop Shelter Island Home

Last week, Long Island Food Council President Michael Tucker held an open house for a beautiful property on Shelter Island.  It was a wonderful opportunity to feature local food startups based on the East End.

The event was sponsored by the Riverhead Cider House, Long Island’s Largest Ciderhouse and Tasting Room.  Also presenting food was Haskell’s Seafood, a local seafood brand that delivers the freshest seafood to your door.

Long Island Seafood CompanyKeeping up with the “East End” theme was For Goodness Cake’s, a company that focuses on Crab Cakes that can be found in many local super markets.

The well attended event which was held between 4p-7p, was a great way to feature not only the property but the local food vendors.  For more photos on the property please visit 29 Winthrop.

If you would like your food or beverage brand featured at the next showing of this property, please contact info@longislandfoodcouncil.com.



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