Certified Laboratories

2019-10-04T17:31:34+00:00October 4th, 2019|

Certified Laboratories is a family-owned, ISO accredited food testing laboratory. We offer complete microbiological and chemical testing services in our new laboratory in Melville, NY. We also have two locations in [...]


2019-10-04T17:30:58+00:00October 4th, 2019|

Satur Farms owned and operated by Paulette Satur and Eberhard Müller is dedicated to growing the finest vegetables and culinary ingredients. It began when they purchased their original farm on the [...]

5th Annual Freedom Fest

2019-09-20T00:30:31+00:00September 20th, 2019|

5th Annual “FreedomFest” held after the Suffolk County Marathon in Patchogue on Sunday October 27th – Vendors Wanted! The 5th Annual Suffolk County Marathon will be held on Sunday October 27th [...]

Subtle Tea

2019-09-20T00:15:43+00:00September 20th, 2019|

Proudly brewing on Long Island in small batches since 2013, The Subtle Tea Company has introduced a new craft tea to the current beverage landscape. Coming from a process steeped in [...]

Griffin-Rutgers Co., Inc.

2019-09-20T00:14:17+00:00September 20th, 2019|

Griffin-Rutgers Co., Inc. is a family-owned business established in 1968. We are a full-service vendor of quality printing, coding, product marking and labeling equipment ideally suited to the package identification requirements of [...]

Disruptor in the Food & Beverage Industry

2019-09-03T20:42:02+00:00September 3rd, 2019|

Meet Carolyn Barbarite , the President and Creator of JAVAMELTS, INC. upscale flavored real sugar cubes, a product that is a Disruptor in the Food and Beverage Industry, she was voted [...]

It’s Time To Get Fit

2019-09-03T12:08:39+00:00September 3rd, 2019|

Tami's history of obesity, illness, and frustration over conflicting food information, led her to a path of researching what's really behind those food labels and claims, and getting certified in 10 [...]

Sweet Soul Bakery

2019-09-03T12:08:05+00:00September 3rd, 2019|

Whether you are plant based, vegan, gluten free or just want a delicious treat, Sweet Soul Bakery offers tasty desserts and treats for you and your special occasions. If you are [...]

Local I Bred

2019-08-16T14:52:04+00:00August 16th, 2019|

locaLI bred was founded to shine light on Long Island’s best local artisans and makers. Our curated gift boxes and marketplace are filled with both edibles and non-edibles. Each box serves [...]

Harris Beach PLLC

2019-08-16T14:51:30+00:00August 16th, 2019|

Craig’s practice focuses on the areas of intellectual property; corporate transactions; and food, drug and cosmetic law. He represents a variety of clients in industries such as dietary and sports nutritional [...]

Brewer’s Crackers Spent Beer Grain

2019-08-10T17:41:37+00:00August 10th, 2019|

About 15 percent of the grain used in beer production ends up in the beer, so Kyle Fiasconaro decided to experiment with the byproduct and see what he could make. Eventually [...]

Community Forum

2019-08-15T16:30:15+00:00August 7th, 2019|

Your membership just got better - but we need your help! All Long Island Food Council members can now take advantage of the Community Forum located in the members only section [...]

MARCUM Food & Beverage Summit

2019-08-06T13:51:17+00:00August 6th, 2019|

Food & Beverage Trends in 2019: Top Tips and Strategies The 2019 Marcum Food & Beverage Summit brings together the best and brightest in our field – food and beverage executives [...]

Brewer’s Crackers

2019-08-02T18:49:33+00:00August 2nd, 2019|

Brewer's Crackers is a "spent grain" cracker company driven to reducing food waste in the craft brewing industry.Spent grains are a valuable by-product from the beer making process. When making beer, [...]

Mazars USA

2019-08-02T20:02:25+00:00August 2nd, 2019|

Mazars USA provides food and beverage companies with the specialized expertise required to venture further in this dynamic industry environment. The more than 200 leading food and beverage manufacturers, distributors, restaurants [...]

Mazars Food & Beverage Forum

2019-07-30T17:05:05+00:00July 30th, 2019|

You're Invited This year we will be hosting our third annual Emerging Companies Contest. Selected contestants will be allowed to display a table of their product(s). during the networking and cocktail [...]

2019 Rooftop Summer Celebration

2019-07-18T16:59:35+00:00July 18th, 2019|

Thank you for attending the Long Island Food Council Summer Celebration on July 10, 2019. It was a huge success with over 200 people enjoying an evening of food and beverage [...]