The Long Island Food Council is committed to provide information and solutions for every type and size company involved in the food and beverage industry.


  • Access to industry experts, education and resources
  • Membership data access
  • Monthly meetings, product presentations and networking event
  • Participation in industry forums
  • Member Spotlight-featured products and member’s companies on the LIFC website
  • Connections for service providers to expand their knowledge of the food and beverage industry
  • Legislative and regulatory alerts
  • Grant opportunities that can benefit your business
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Support for industry specific groups such as women’s owned and minority businesses
  • Monthly and periodic publications
  • Philanthropy
To become a member or to renew membership, please review Membership Categories and complete the form below.
Membership Category Description Annual Fee
 Start-up Sole Proprietors or business with
less than 3 years of experience or
less than $50,000 in annual sales
$ 99.00 Start-up to 1 year in business
$250.00 after 1st  year in business
Food or Beverage Business that produces and sells
food or beverage products
(i.e. manufacturer, restaurant,
bakery, retailer, etc.)
$250.00 Sole Proprietors
$500.00 Corporations
Service Business Business that supports food or
beverage industry (i.e. accountant,
attorney, bank, card processing,
nutritionist, marketing services,
brokers etc.)
$250.00 Sole Proprietors
$500.00 Corporations
Non-Profit/Education Non-profit, universities, and other
educational or philanthropic
organizations with food or beverage
$ 250.00 Sole Member
$500.00 Multi Member Organization
Student A student is someone from an accredited college/university/institution who is currently enrolled
full time as a student [a minimum of 12 credits], or as a part time student [less than 12 credits] without full time employment.
Student dues are at a reduced rate for a maximum of 4 consecutive years from the original join date.

If you are applying for a Student membership we require that you send us proof of student status, which can be in the form of ONE of the following:

• Letter of confirmation on official letterhead from your university/college/school official verifying student status
• Enrollment Certificate from university/college/school official verifying student status
• Registrar/Bursar receipt for current semester registration/charges
• Grade Report or Student Schedule from current semester

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