A new opportunity with the City’s emergency feeding program has just been made available to all foodservice businesses in NYC.

The GetFoodNYC emergency food distribution program has released a competitive bid for local vendors to produce and deliver meal packs to seniors.

Because this bid must meet FEMA requirements for reimbursement, it includes a number of somewhat strict participation requirements.

Highlights of this program include:

  • Short 15-day response window
  • Must provide a minimum of 7,200 total meals per week
  • Meal packs must include 6 meals per box and can include fresh, shelf-stable or frozen foods
  • Meals must meet strict nutritional guidelines
  • Vendor must provide door-to-door delivery of the meals
  • Meals should where possible, be culturally sensitive
  • Restaurants and catering businesses may apply alone or as a group of businesses
  • Price and local sourcing will be prioritized

All correspondence regarding this program should be directed to the GetFoodNYC team.

Please email:  covid19biz@sbs.nyc.gov