Satur Farms owned and operated by Paulette Satur and Eberhard Müller is dedicated to growing the finest vegetables and culinary ingredients. It began when they purchased their original farm on the North Fork of Long Island in 1997, with the intention of growing some vegetables and herbs for Chef Müller’s restaurant. Colleagues in New York City asked if they might be able to buy their produce, and the farm as a business became a reality.

Paulette Satur grew up on her family farm in central Pennsylvania, studied Horticulture at The Pennsylvania State University and was awarded a graduate degree in Plant Physiology from The University of Arizona. After twelve successful years in the wine business in NYC, she returned to her love of the land when she and Eberhard purchased their farm.

The inception and rise of Satur Farms were instrumental in helping the nascent locally-grown food movement to succeed. Satur Farms now grows, packs, ships, and markets to restaurants, retail, wholesale, food service, and specialty customers all along the Eastern Seaboard, certainly a long way from its initial vegetable garden for fresh-obsessed chef. Satur Farms specializes in baby leaf- wild roquette arugula, baby spinach, spring mix, mizuna, tat soi, baby kale, along with other leafy greens such as a French-style Frisée and baby root vegetables. A new line of salad dressings are planned to launch in the spring 2019. Farming operations on Long Island’s North Fork in summer and in the mild Florida climate in winter allow for year-round supply of sublimely fresh vegetables. Product harvested on Long Island is shipped to the NY metropolitan area often in under 24 hours. Their commitment to fresh, high quality, nutritious, and sustainably grown produce has never wavered and has expertly supported by their dedicated team.