Wink Design Group Long Island

The Long Island Food Council contains a vast array of members.  From food/beverage startups to restaurateurs and of course to professionals that have their hand in the food and beverage industry on Long Island.

Established in 2013, wink brings 3 creative minds together to help businesses big and small build brand identity and make a lasting first impression.

With the subtly of a wink, but the power of persuasion the wink design group will convey your brand’s story.  Wink’s female owned and operated design firm is not big and cumbersome, but small, nimble and approachable.  Your company will work directly with the founding partners, crafting design solutions that are fresh, inspired and enduring.  Their dedicated team brings 30 years of combined experience in the field of branding, naming, graphics and package design, and we are profoundly obsessed about it.   Wink will work tirelessly to grow your brand with unique and adaptive designs.  For more samples of our work, please visit their portfolio at

Want to see some of their work?  Here are some examples:

Nina's Fresh Batch Granola

Nina’s Fresh Batch

Visual identity and package design were crafted for this new artisan brand. The powerful brand mark sitting atop the white crisp background echoes the decadent and clean ingredients inside.  wink design group chose the distinct package structure with an ingredient window, so the consumer could see the irresistible and appealing fruits, nuts, and granola inside.




Jennies Organic Macaroons

Jennie’s Organic Macaroons

Red Mill Farms was searching for a brand refresh for its macaroon cookie line.  wink design group seized the opportunity to elevate these classic cookies into today’s health conscious market.  The simple but effective concept focuses on the delicious coconut cookie taste, but highlight it’s unique gluten free, NON-GMO and organic attributes.  Jennie’s Macaroons are sold nationwide in Walmart, and locally in Stop n’ Shop and Whole Foods.



Cheezie Chews Dog Treats


Cheezie Chews

GlobalOne Pet, a California based pet company, came to the wink design group looking to create packaging for their new Cheezie Chews line of dog treats.  GlobalOne wanted to highlight their product’s great cheese taste, which would distinguish their treats from the competition. wink worked closely with GlobalOne to establish a brand identity, a new logo and a competitive package.  The end result is an 8 sku rawhide and rawhide free line of dog treats currently selling nationwide in PetSmart and specialty pet stores.


Please visit wink design online by clicking here and follow them on Facebook.