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Greetings from Sam the Sweet Tooth and Miriam the Health Enthusiast aka Founders of The Paleo Factory. This January we celebrated the company’s first birthday! In light of this milestone, we’d like to share some updates with you:

  1. Our first product: called MUD, has been a huge success! MUD is a chilled mousse dessert that satisfies the sweet tooth and delivers precious nutrients to the body. MUD is Paleo, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Fruit Sweetened, Nutrient Dense, and tastes AMAZING!!There are no processed sugars or artificial ingredients of any kind. The name MUD is an acronym that stands for Mindfulness Using Desserts.
  2. You can now order MUD: almost anywhere in the USA and it will be delivered to your door! MUD is packaged in coolers with dry ice to keep it frozen in transit. Order MUD online.
  3. We are expanding: into cafes, health food stores and markets in New York, North Carolina, Florida, Texas and beyond. Help us expand by bringing this form to your local food haven.
  4. We are releasing: at least one new product per month. Some products will be formulated by The Paleo Factory; others by innovators who have joined our tribe. Hint: Next month’s product is coffee MUD – will be available by mid-March!  Keep checking back to our online shop to find products that support a higher standard of health and wellness.
  5. We are frequently releasing blog posts: Read our blog here.
We are blessed that our tribe is evolving into such a unique, talented group of souls spanning across the USA. We are excited to see where this journey will take us next.
Thanks for listening!

The Paleo Factory Team

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