I am the Founder and CEO of Tevony.
Tevony started from the idea of developing my father’s unique recipe of Tachbisha – Mediteranean Garlic & Turmeric Sauce that he invented over 40 years ago. Tachbisha was made from my father’s burning desire to create the greatest ,healthy and tasty sauce that was ever made. Tracking back to his Epyptian roots my father devised a combination of turmeric, garlic, olive oil and a secret blend of the finest spices and Tachbisha was born.
The idea of taking my dad’s creation to the next level and turn it into a sauce company came from my oldest daughter while I was going through a very unpleasant divorce process and lost everything I had built. My daughter thought it would be a great healing experience for me and it would be a great opportunity to share our family recipe goodness with others. We started as THE SAUCE GIRLS which we came up with this name since I have 6 daughters and we decided to change it to TEVONY when we learned that The sauce girls name will not be respectfully accepted in the Kosher world.
Tevony is an abbreviation : Tasteful – Easy to use – Vegan – Original – Natural – Yummy and it also means natural in Hebrew.
My father was always known for his outstanding love, passion and devotion to his family and friends and he created this unique recipe for his BBQ dishes that was loved by everyone and most importantly always brought the family together, our goal is to continue sharing his passion and love and share his recipe with others and continue to Gather Families Together.

Tachbisha, The Sauce that Gathers Families !

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