Having been in sales in the family business for over 15 years, Carolyn Barbarite was accustomed to selling and marketing products and services. But it wasn’t until the birth of Javamelts that she realized the natural and automatic sales and marketing instinct that kicks in when the product is your own and the passion is real.

In 2016 the Javamelts product, an individually-wrapped cane sugar-based melt for sweetening and flavoring coffee and teas, was created. It was the beginning of a journey that Barbarite could only imagine. Through trial and error, researching and developing, knocking on doors, and networking with the finest in the business, Barbarite grew Javamelts from her initial idea at her home to the current facility where it is made today.

Javamelts are unique, and because of all their benefits offered to the consumer, everyday traveler and professional, they were easily introduced and taken in by local gourmet groceries and businesses, thus appealing to the daily shopper or neighbor next door. But Barbarite knew that was just the beginning of something much larger and soon made her product available to corporate customers, where production would need to increase significantly. The presence at many trade shows throughout the country was key to getting to the next level in marketing Javamelts. Through those connections and networking, Barbarite has brought Javamelts to the attention of national brokers, distributors and corporations and intends to take Javamelts to the highest level with no signs of stopping.

Barbarite holds her Paralegal Degree from Becker College and married her high-school sweetheart soon after their college graduations. She credits her substantial legal background in helping establish herself as a well-rounded businesswoman who has worked and negotiated with Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. Barbarite was raised in Smithtown, New York, and has remained there with her husband and three daughters.