James’ philosophy is to earn client trust by exceeding expectation and to dedicate himself to providing practical, informative, and attentive legal counsel at a reasonable fee. James possesses the knowledge of the intricacies of business matters across various industries (including but not limited to food and beverage / restaurant / bar / hotel / event, licensed professionals, business retailers, not-for-profits, manufacturing / industrial, contractors, trade industries, and more) at all phases of the business cycle, and the complexities of commercial real estate transactions, to ensure efficient and comprehensive representation.

In addition, James serves on the New York Supreme Court Roster of Commercial Division Mediators. James prides himself in bringing parties in dispute to a low-cost, time-efficient, and just solution.

Growing up, James spent years working in and managing hospitality businesses. These invaluable experiences required a focus on providing distinctive quality service and a “customer first” attitude. Those same high standards and service-oriented priorities have remained instilled in him and are a focus of his law practice, which is part of what makes his practice successful and contributes to him cultivating long-term relationships with his valued clients.

James has also been a Professor of Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Business Law and Hospitality at the undergraduate and MBA levels for over 25 years, and continues bringing his real-world practice experience to the classroom for the next generation of entrepreneurs and operations managers.

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