Dear Friends,

You know when you get to the bottom of your MUD bucket and you use your fingers to scoop out the last remaining ounces?

Well, we’re popping in to share some big news that will enable you to get your hands on more MUD more easily!Right NOW!

We recently produced and shipped over 3,000 pounds of MUD to 83 Wegmans supermarket locations! That’s enough to fill a 10 foot tall tub! Can you imagine?
MUD is now available at Wegmans in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia!

We’re so grateful that you’re on this journey with us. We couldn’t feel more privileged to create a non-dairy plant based all-real-food dessert for you that brings nutrition, delight, and high vibrational, positive vibes.

Want to come meet us as we tour some of the new stores
carrying MUD? Stay tuned for updates on where we will be touring!

Be Well.Eat MUD!
Sam and Miriam