For centuries, wine has played a large social role at the dinner table, at special occasions and countless celebrations of life’s finest moments. wineUdesign is all about learning and sharing a fun experience with friends and family. Visit us anytime and you will quickly get a taste of our core values surrounding fulfillment of life and the roads we take to get there.

In our temperature controlled winery, YOU will:

• become the winemaker for your brand
• decide on a grape varietal and scientific makeup of your choosing
• be responsible for crushing and pressing your fruit
• start your own fermentation and monitor its progress
• pump your wine into a private barrel
• watch over its development through a 10-month aging process
• create a customized label for 240 bottles of your personal vintage
• cork and label your bottles (placed in cases for easy transport)
• develop a plan for sharing and celebrating your wine

Throughout this entire process we aim to educate you about wine; “what makes each batch unique?” and “how you might enjoy it in various settings?” Our winemakers and staff are dedicated to quenching your thirst for wine knowledge (OR just your thirst). We take a top line approach to helping you feel comfortable in your knowledge of wine and the love and sweat that goes into crafting a perfectly pour-worthy bottle. Anybody who wants to learn more is welcome to join our dinner table anytime.

Vincenzo Saulle
Providing the Best in fermENTERTAINment

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