WE is a private portfolio of consulting engagements, advisory positions, and investments, focused on health & wellness, sports, media, entertainment, consumer packaged goods and retail sector businesses. Providing: (i) broad-based and pro-active business management; (ii) marketing solutions offering hands-on management and consultation relative to launching and growing small to middle market companies.

WE actively manage the business strategy and marketing platforms for brands focused on (i) acquisition and/or transformation; (ii) turn-around and management; (iii) and positioning for venture capital, private equity and/or private investment in the professional & participatory sports, wearable technology, consumer packaged goods and luxury goods sectors.

WE leverages our collective intelligence in strategy, operations, marketing, design, merchandising and manufacturing background. WE specializes in small businesses – start-ups and the re-positioning of mismanaged, underutilized or dormant consumer brands with high awareness value.

WE is driven by a fascination for products that engage consumers and creates loyalty through branding. At the heart of our success is the ability to recognize both the intrinsic and potential value in a brand.

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