March 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

The Long Island Food Council is working with our partners and businesses to coordinate the delivery of information during this ongoing crisis. LIFC will strive to be a central point of assistance to help sustain Long Island companies.

We would like the LIFC website to be a place where you can share information from your organization or business. If you have any relevant action plans or best practices, we urge you to utilize our Forum to help exchange pertinent information. Please note, the Community Forum is a members’ only section of the website. Members can sign up for the Community Forum from the navigation menu of the LIFC website or click here

If you have information you would like to share publicly on the LIFC website, please email and we will consider posting after review.

Additionally, we are developing a dedicated page on the LIFC website as new information becomes available from Federal, State, and Local agencies.

We will be starting online webinar meetings in place of our on-site meetings to continue to provide valuable insight. We urge you to use our dedicated professional community for information and support.

Please contact with any relevant information that we can utilize through our email and social media platforms. If you would like to assist us in this process feel free to contact us.

We hope you and your families stay safe and healthy.

Best Regards,

Michael Tucker


The Long Island Food Council