On Thursday January 23, 2020, Suffolk County is hosting a 90 minute session in Riverhead at 9:30am intended for the agriculture industry, legal professionals, planning professionals, real estate agents, and other parties interested in the topic of Suffolk County farmland preservation efforts. The meeting will immediately be followed by the first 2020 public meeting of the Suffolk County Farmland Committee.

Suffolk County passed the nation’s first farmland preservation law in 1974 and the program has successfully preserved nearly 11,000 acres since implementation. An additional 9,000 acres of farmland has been preserved through other municipal and private land trust efforts, mostly focused on Suffolk County’s East End. However, many real estate and legal professionals, as well as the farmers themselves, are confused about what agricultural practices and structures are allowed or not allowed on preserved Suffolk County farmland. This educational session will help legal, real estate, planning and agricultural professionals navigate the intricacies and evolution of these preservation programs, which have successful helped farmers invest in their agricultural operations and maintain working farms in Suffolk County for over four decades. Elected officials and representatives from the County, Towns, private land trusts, and agriculture industry will be on-hand to help answer questions. Please RSVP with Colleen Badolato • 631.853.5204 • Colleen.Badolato@SuffolkCountyNY.gov