PeriWrap, a division of AllBoxes Direct has for over 25 years been supplying interior/exterior packaging, insulation and shipping products to manufacturers and small businesses nationwide. With our expanded perishable packaging division we are able to offer personalized, cost effective packaging solutions for perishable shipping.
We carry a complete line of insulated packaging and refrigerants, with many environmentally friendly options as well, to help with shipping fresh and frozen products. Our cost competitive thermal insulated box liners, inflatable liners and foil liners are designed to replace traditional styrofoam coolers and take up less space in your warehouse or storage room. As a safer and easier to use alternative to dry ice we carry reusable ice bricks which will outperform traditional gel packs and help extend shipping times.
Increase your exposure with branded tape, labels, printed stock boxes and custom designed boxes. We will work within your budget to help you find the best packaging solutions to meet your needs.