Yelena, the owner of Panini Pie Factory, Inc has grown up at Volga River region of Russia in a family with deep multigenerational baking traditions. After moving to New York in 2001 she invented panini pies – unique product that combines baking practices of her great-grandmother with multiethnic tastes, smells and culinary traditions of NYC, the City, which she has been calling home for the last 20 years.

Panini Pie is a young company, looking to introduce its product to the market, which is oversaturated, and bringing a brand-new product is always an uphill battle, but the company is ready and eager to bring its product to consumers. We know that it is much more difficult to do it alone, so we are looking for partners with established presence at the farmer markets, who could be willing to become pick-up points for customers buying our panini pies online. We are also looking for local farmers from whom we could source ingredients for our pies (tomatoes, potatoes, onions, scallion, eggplants, eggs, etc.)