With 16+ years in the Hospitality industry, it’s safe to say Jen is a “people person.”  Happiness, for her, comes from serving others.

The Hospitality industry is a demanding, high-stress, fast-paced world unlike any other.  So often, leaders in this industry find themselves struggling to create a healthy balance between the demands of their guests, the demands of their team and the demands of life outside of their operation.  You don’t have to choose any longer.

As a Leadership Success Coach, Jen helps Hospitality Leaders overcome challenging team dynamics, stress and the general demands of the industry to create greater financial success and increased quality of life.

Jen specializes in management and leadership development; developing and scaling learning and career mobility programs; driving employee engagement and fostering strong, open relationships.

Jen’s strong beliefs in the value of coaching and assisting leadership to engage their employees and tap into their full potential began early in her hospitality roots and is a passion she brings to her clients, and her own business, every day.

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