make your own wine at wineUdesign

So you’ve never made wine…yet. We will take you through the steps to crush your grapes and bottle your signature blend in an unforgettable hands-on experience.

Much like a good wine, this process is best shared with good company. (Especially the tasting, once you bring home 240 bottles of your own personalized label. Cheers!)

At wineUdesign, you can:

  • Pick a grape varietal
  • Crush & press your fruit
  • Pump your wine into a private barrel
  • Create a customized label for 240 bottles of your personal vintage
  • Cork & label your bottles
  • Drink and be merry!

Our winemakers and staff are dedicated to quenching your thirst for knowledge and beverage. Come in, learn the finer points of fine wine, and enjoy plenty of handcrafted, premium blends!

We use the finest fresh grapes imported in season from California, Italy, and Chile for a variety of fresh flavors. All of our wine is crafted in our temperature-controlled winery for the freshest quality taste.