Clifford A. Metcalfe Jr has provided his customers with the commitment to provide the best possible program for whatever the owner is looking to accomplish, whether it is a remodeling, an additional location, or their first location. He builds the story that provides the best picture to provide the funds needed to turn the dreams into a reality.

Clifford was born and raised in NYC with parents that were first-generation American Citizens of European descent Raised in Manhattan and Brooklyn, then moving to Staten Island for a chance to own a home and raise their children. Clifford was educated at a few Colleges in NYC and continued for ten years while working in Midtown Manhattan.

After a career in the Oil & Gas Industry collapsed in the 80’s Clifford started his own Company, Kingswood Leasing, in 1991 and specialized in Restaurant financing. He also purchased the Leasing Company owned by Ecolab in 2005 that doubled his penetration into the Restaurant Industry.

This penetration allowed Clifford to provide financing for the customers of many well-known purveyors in the food and beverage industry. Sysco Foods nationally (30 years), US Foods, Edward Don out of Chicago, to name a few, plus over 4,000 independents in the USA and Canada.

So, for 30 years, Clifford had the opportunity to view up to 100 restaurants monthly looking to obtain financing for expansion, additional locations, and as always starting their dream to own a restaurant of their own. All the reviewing of thousands of business plans, tax returns, projections, and locations gave Clifford a unique perspective of the restaurant Industry.  He always took the time to talk to the owners, visit their sites and make some suggestions here and there to ensure that the project has the best chance to obtain the funds needed to make things happen.

Comes today, now with the extreme situation that the industry is facing, a clear head with actual “Life” experience in all sorts of ups and downs in the economy to give advice and direction on what folks should be considering to survive this situation. Clifford is the one to help and is here to provide the support that is needed.