Founder of forward ROOTS, a new company producing naturally fermented Kimchi Sauces in Brooklyn. Our mission is to provide high quality and versatile products using flavors that celebrate our origin and cultivated our palate. Born in Korea, raised in Canada, evolving in NY.

From an early age, I was surrounded by food whether it was working in my parents’ grocery stores, cooking with my mother making traditional meals & preserving Korean ferments, or eating diverse cultural deliciousness at friends’ homes & celebrations. It was very evident I was born to eat, inspiring many travels & rich experiences. What I love and learned is what I hope to pass along to my family (the next generation) and share with you.

forward ROOTS is a proud winner of The Good Food Awards 2019 for our Vegan Kimchi Sauce.
Here’s a intro video produced through Made In NYC/Pratt Institute/Ghost Robot:

My background includes Fashion design, IT & CE, Fish & Seafood Industries.