Driven Local Advertising on WazeOur member, Driven Local, is now offering Waze Ads as part of their digital product portfolio.  What are Waze ads?  Ads on Waze are integrated into the navigation map. Similar to billboards, ads on Waze teach you about what and where things are happening around you. In addition, because Waze is a digital app, you’ll know exactly how many potential guests engaged with your ads.

Zero-Speed Takeover Waze Takeover Ad

A large canvas revealed to your selected audience when their attention is highest (0 MPH)

How it Works: Your creative (logo or food photo) and restaurant location information appear once the driver has come to a complete stop.

Actions: Drive There, Save Locations, Save for Later, Save Offer, and more!

Where Drivers See Your Ad on Waze: Your restaurant is promoted to the top of drivers’ search results. Customers near your restaurant are also exposed to Branded Pins that mark your location on the map.

You Get More Visitors to Your Business: When people tap the ads, they’re provided more information and prompted to drive to your location or save it for later.

If you want more information on what Driven Local is doing with Waze Ads – Contact our member Chris at or Call him at 631-619-5939