COMPEL CEOs is Long Island’s leading Executive Advisory firm targeting Business Owners, CEOs, Trusted Advisors, Senior Officers & Executives, as well as Professional Service Providers (Attorneys, Accountants, Wealth Advisors). We offer a wide range of programs, each a group of highly educated industry leaders that meets on a monthly basis in a non-competitive and confidential environment. In our peer-advisory programs, our members process their most troubling issues in their business and industry, are held accountable to identify solutions and driven to implement change. Through these groups, educational material and a network of nationally & internationally-ranked speakers, we provide our clients the opportunity to improve their businesses and their personal lives. Our members learn from some of the best speakers and authors in the country, while having access to a seasoned board of coaches. Whether the challenge is business development, sales, management, personnel/HR, we aid our clients in getting the answers they need and holding them accountable to achieve their goals.

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