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Social Media

Participation includes:

  • creating and implementing the LIFC social media strategy and mission
  • increasing visibility to interested parties and relevant discussion topics that involve food and beverage industry on Long Island
  • promoting membership value and the LIFC via social media pages, feeds and platforms
  • interacting with members via social media channels including posting content, responding to posts, and generating followers at education events and meetings.


Participation includes:

  • developing new opportunities for networking for members and non-members
  • procuring locations and vendors for events
  • designing and distributing materials to promote event to members and new companies through email and social media
  • coordinating with food and beverage  venues as well as set up/breakdown of events
  • collecting RSVPs and compiling list of attendees for registration

Women & Minorities in Business (LIFCW)

Participation includes:

  • working with the membership committee to encourage women owned and minority businesses to join the LIFC
  • providing educational workshops and opportunities for companies to present and market their products
  • providing resources to address the challenges these businesses face in building and growing a business.

Programs & Education

Participation includes:

  • developing educational programs
  • securing hosts for monthly meetings and special events
  • arranging for speakers for each program or meeting and assist as liaisons between the host location and speaker
  • coordinating with the speaker regarding topic of discussion, and food presenter
  • providing an evaluation of each program
  • sending a thank you letter to the host and speaker

Fighting Childhood Hunger

Participation includes:

The Long Island Food Council has partnered with Island Harvest to help fight child hunger on Long Island. Committee members can help increase awareness and support through creative initiatives at LIFC meetings and events. In addition, the members can help build relationships with suppliers through the Marketplace found on the LIFC website, with a portion of its sales going directly to benefit Island Harvest.


Participation includes:

  • developing, promoting and maintaining membership
  • registering members and guests at all functions.
  • implementing membership drives to recruit new members
  • creating and distributing new member Welcome Packets
  • communicating new member information for publication in the membership directory.


Participation includes:

Giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with experienced business professionals. Entrepreneurs spur innovation, create jobs and grow the local economy. The mentor can help solve problems, assist with decision making, share knowledge, and provide encouragement to create thriving businesses.

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    I am interested in serving as a presenter or speaker-There are opportunities to be a presenter/speaker within the LIFC monthly meetings and special events.


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    I am interested in serving as a coordinator at a monthly meeting-responsibilities may include helping to check in attendees, writing minutes of the meeting and assisting the speaker or presenters with handing out materials if necessary.